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Thawing samples

In order to achieve a higher motility it is necessary to follow the thawing protocols recommended by BioSperm:

Once the rod has been removed from the transportation tank and when all data have been verified according to the report sent by BioSperm, please place immediately the vial in a water bath at 37 degrees for 5 minutes. In case of cryovials, it is better to loosen the cap a little bit in order to release the pressure before soaking it in the water.

In the case of standard sperm samples, the sample should be processed according to the qualifying protocol established by each centre. Regarding IUI- Ready samples, the sample should be transferred to a sterile tube and kept at room temperature until the moment of the insemination (it is advisable to proceed with the insemination as quickly as possible after thawing the sample). In IVF cycles, BioSperm recommends a previous washing with culture medium before proceeding with ICSI or before the insemination of the oozytes.

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