Banco de semen - donacion de esperma

Types of samples

BIOSPERM offers frozen donor's sperm samples in the following presentations:

- Bio ICSI (1 straw for an ICSI cycle)

- Bio IVF (1 straw for a conventional IVF cycle)

Standard types, before being used on an IVF or an artificial insemination cycle these samples should be qualified through density gradients, swim-up, etc., according on how the centre considers most appropriate.

- Bio insemination IUI-Ready (qualified sample)

These samples do not need to be processed before being used for an artificial insemination and can be used directly after being thawed.

Quality control and safety

All laboratory processes are controlled and supervised by a second biologist, that certifies safety and traceability at all times.

Quarterly, Biosperm labotary takes part in the external quality control provided by the “United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service”.

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