Sperm Bank

In BioSperm we have extensive experience in donor selection, and we have different formats for all assisted reproduction techniques.

Our donors undergo exhaustive medical, psychological and social tests before being accepted by BioSperm. We have a wide variety of phenotypes and races.

The protocol for serological and genetic studies in the laboratory of our sperm bank is very extensive. It includes, in addition to the mandatory tests according to European legislation, additional tests such as spermatozoa FISH. All this ensures high quality semen samples that allow high pregnancy rates to be obtained.

Our priority, at BioSperm, is to offer a professional and personal service, guaranteeing that samples will be sent to your laboratory within 48 hours.

Donor's selection

BioSperm has a great amount of sperm donors that covers all blood types and phenotypes. All our donors undergo the following tests:

  • Seminogram with high quality parameters. 
  • Psychological evaluation
Contenu d’accordéon
  • Haemogram
  • Karyotype
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • VIH 1 and 2
  • IgM and IgG antibody to CMV
  • Chlamydia trachomatis
  • Treponema pallidum
  • Cystic fibrosis (50 mutations)
  • Sperm FISH analysis
  • Specialist visit (Andrologist)

With the goal of identifying past hereditary illnesses and a long list of other disorders whose presence are reason for excluding someone as sperm donor.

  • Physical examination
  • Evaluation of results

Types of samples

BioSperm offers frozen donor's sperm samples in the following presentations:


These samples, before being used for an In Vitro Fertilisation or Artificial Insemination cycle should be trained by means of density gradients, swim-up..., etc. according to the protocol of the center for sample preparation.

  • Bio ICSI:  174 €
  • Bio FIV: 189 €
  • Bio ICSI special phenotype: 290 €
  • Bio FIV special phenotype: 297 €


These samples do not need to be processed before being used for artificial insemination and can be used directly after thawing.

  • Bio ICSI IUI-Ready: 216 €
  • Bio FIV IUI-Ready: 216 €
  • Bio IAD IUI-Ready: 481 €
  • Bio IAD IUI-Ready special phenotype: 481 €


Panel carriers of recessive diseases.

  • Matching: 860 € (sample not included)

*Shipment not included: 49 € within the Peninsula (VAT included). The rates for the rest of the destinations will be those applied by the transport company. 

Samples can be grouped while maintaining the price of transport. If more than 10 samples are requested, transport will be free of charge

Thawing samples

In order to achieve a higher motility it is necessary to follow the thawing protocols recommended by BioSperm:

Once the rod has been removed from the transportation tank and when all data have been verified according to the report sent by BioSperm, please place immediately the vial in a water bath at 37 degrees for 5 minutes. In case of cryovials, it is better to loosen the cap a little bit in order to release the pressure before soaking it in the water.

In the case of standard sperm samples, the sample should be processed according to the qualifying protocol established by each centre. Regarding IUI- Ready samples, the sample should be transferred to a sterile tube and kept at room temperature until the moment of the insemination (it is advisable to proceed with the insemination as quickly as possible after thawing the sample). In IVF cycles, BioSperm recommends a previous washing with culture medium before proceeding with ICSI or before the insemination of the oozytes.

Quality control and safety

All laboratory processes are controlled and supervised by a second biologist, that certifies safety and traceability at all times.

Quarterly, Biosperm labotary takes part in the external quality control provided by the “United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service”.

Shipping methods

Sperm samples are sent in liquid nitrogen containers in vapour phase Voyager of Air Liquide or MVE from Chart Biomedical, approved for transportation (land, air and maritime) of biological samples set in a packaging with a security sealing strip.

Alongside the sperm samples, a report with detailed information is attached.

Spanish legislation allows the shipment of sperm samples only to authorized centres.

Erotic Personal System


Sperm sample rooms

In our centres, we have transformed our semen collection rooms into a comfortable and privileged place, where the male can feel as comfortable as possible and obtain maximum prior excitement before ejaculation. It has been shown that a good level of arousal influences the quality of semen. We want our donors to have a unique, comfortable and fun experience.

That’s why we’ve incorporated different stimulation methods, including virtual reality (VR) adult videos and vagina-shaped masturbators.

As a centre registered by the Generalitat de Catalunya with health authorisation number E08676751 and Eurocet code ES006196, Institut Marquès (for this purpose BIOSPERM) complies with all the requirements established by current legislation.